Testimonials For Services

Life seemed to be good to me with nice family, friends, fun and recreation but some where I use to feel the stagnation and was not enjoying as such. I wanted to grow personally so went to Rachna Ma’am for counselling sessions. She connected me to myself and as session progressed I got all the insights about my fixations and blockages. She also helped me to overcome those. Today I feel I am well equipped to lead a life I desire and have wholesome awareness to deal with people, situations ad circumstances and at the same time have successful professional life. After the sessions I believe that counselling is not just for weaker people as it is thought but for everyone who wants to nurture and nourish themselves for the best.
Thank you Rachna Ma’am.

Paanisha Bhavsar

Before saying anything I really want to thank Rachna Ma’am. She is really a great help. Major issues and problem in our life is because we don’t understand ourselves and because of that we are not able to handle our problems. Same thing was going with me and finally to get rid of this depressive situation I got to know about Rachna Ma’am from one of my aunt. After meeting her I felt so nice, just in few sessions she made me understand and help me to get out from the box and think in a different way, which has helped me so deeply to get rid of the depression. Her smiley and positive nature gives us so much confidence in self. When I look back I feel without her help I could not have been so self reliant person. Truly Ma’am thanks a lot for your wonderful help and so much support.


I was suffering with acute anxiety and I used to get panic attacks often. I came to know about Rachna Ma’am from my cousin. I had to gather enough courage to go for counselling sessions, but as I met Ma’am and had counselling it was a big help. She made me comfortable and made me aware of the reasons of my anxiety. She actually understood me so well and guided me with all necessary steps to overcome my acute anxiety level. Today I am no more the same and leading a happy and peaceful life. I am grateful to Rachna Ma’am.

Bharat Rabari

I met Rachna Ma’am in one of the workshop in our tutorials. It gave me lots of insights and awareness which made me take sessions from her. I took counselling sessions from her on regular basis. It helped me in my academics, overcome the learning difficulties. I also developed lots of confidence at academic level and personally. I was able to put forward my voice to the people around which was necessary but difficult at times. She helped to get aware of my strength, nurture them get aware of my weakness and overcome them. I still remember I had gone to her when I was in college for growing personally and she helped me grow inside-out. I always thank her for all her guidance.

Vedant Raval

My husband and I have interacted with Rachna Ma’am in the past. Her personality is so reassuring that one can’t help but be comfortable. Our discussions with her about parenting have been very insightful and have stayed with us for a long time. Her advice has been incorporated in our way of parenting and I have to say, it has eased off many of the struggles we were facing as parents. I will always be grateful for the knowledge and love she shared with us.

Manveen Dua